About Us

Hotel De Hilda is a 3-star hotel located in a mining town called Tarkwa in Ghana. We have a total of 60 rooms.


Our Vision

We strive to be the best three star hotel in the country, thus providing the much needed services to our community and helping to promote tourism in Ghana


Mission Statement

At Hotel de Hilda we endeavor to provide a superior quality, affordable service to all our patrons, with professionalism and friendliness



Our Mission and vision are supported by a number of objectives that must be rigorously followed.

We must : 
Provide quality accommodation and food for individuals, companies, corporations, groups, government bodies and associations.

Provide suitable conference and service facilities for the above groups.

Help to boost the economic activities of the Wassa West District and it’s environs by creating employment opportunities and promoting tourism.


Target Market

Our comprehensive market plan is based on our company objectives and efforts are made to tap into the following markets:-

Business People and Professionals - who travel to our area to attend seminars, conferences and meetings and to conduct business with the mining, commercial and government sectors.

Tourists – International and Ghanaians who visit the area to experience Ghanaian culture or to visit family or friends residing in the area.

Contract Business – Tour Groups and groups conducting Special Promotions

Entertainment – Groups of local people seeking a suitable venue to hold functions and parties for weddings, birthdays or festive events.



Hotel de Hilda commenced business in 1999 with only 10 rooms and has developed rapidly to become a 3 Star 61 room facility today.

Many international groups and organizations have visited the Hotel including business and mining analysts and senior executives.

The Hotel has played host to many political leaders, Ministers, MPs, DCEs, and Members of the Diplomatic Corps, who have visited the Tarkwa area.

Hotel de Hilda has been awarded many accolades including: 

  • 2001 Western Region Best Hotel

  • 2003 Western Region Best Hotel

  • 2003 National 2 Star Best Hotel

  • 2005 Promoted from 2 Star to a 3 Star facility

  • 2006/2007 3 Star Western Regional Best Hotel

  • 2009Western Regional Car Rental of the Year

  • 2011 Gold Award, Tourism Promotion in Accommodation

  • 2015 Western Regional Tourism Awards Overall Best(Consistent Payment of 1% Tourism Levy)

  • 2016 Western Regional Tourism Awards Overall Best(Consistent Payment of 1% Tourism Levy)

  • 2019 Western Regional Car Rental of the Year

General facilities

  • Free Wifi
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Parking

And more...